1111 Barmac Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M9L 1X4

Our Mission

Class Resto Lounge has embarked on its social initiative to provide employment opportunities for socially marginalized individuals, newcomers, and youth who face employment barriers through the restaurant, catering,  and special event services offered.

With the aid of other agencies, Class Resto Lounge aspires to provide opportunities to strengthen and further develop the skills of participants for them to gain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry.

"Making every occasion a special one"

Let's Get Cooking!

The hospitality industry in Toronto is forecasting an increase in demand for skilled workers by the year 2020.

The Let's Get Cooking! initiative focuses on developing fundamental skills through hands-on training in restaurant and catering services offered by Class Resto Lounge .


One main highlight of this project will also have participants develop and showcase a   daily special menu item created by a participant to allow the public to sample and give feedback on their own creation. 

For more information, or to find out how you can help this initiative grow, direct your email to: info@classcelebrations.ca