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Max Capacity Seating (Seat up to 70)

  1. 70 guests is our maximum capacity per room.
  2. We are a DIY special event space, which saves you overall; as we are not a full service banquet hall.
  3. We usually open 1hr prior to an event, in which you can potentially access the venue at no additional cost; however, this is not a guarantee and is subject to availability.  
  4. Please avoid bringing in raw peanuts, tree nuts, or other high allergen foods
  5. We may contact you by phone, email, or text to keep you updated of your event, please do the same!
  6. Alcohol permits are obtained from LCBO and are emailed to the host 2 weeks prior to the event when balance comes due
  7. Our Bluetooth Speakers are only to be used with compatible laptop, iPod, iPhone, Android etc. (Please note that if you use are using your phone, if it rings the music will stop)
  8. The DJ needs to bring all their extension cords, equipment, & speakers if they require a direct connection to a speaker. 
  9. Please keep all guests inside the facility, and prevent them from gathering out-front throughout your event. You will be required to clean up their mess outside as well.
  10. You have access to a fridge, microwave, hand sink, and ice cooler, there is no freezer or kitchen access permitted.
  11. Portable hot plate stoves are not permitted to be used.
  12. Basic toiletries are provided: paper towel and toilet paper, all other necessities are responsibility of host.
  13. ​Host shall maintain safety in the space by mopping spills, or sweeping debris during their event.
  14. When renting chafing dishes, host must bring their food in disposable foil pans, and bring their own serving utensils. Please ensure the foil trays are sturdy as to not fall into the water.
  15.  Host is to bring their own cutting utensils, wine bottle openers, beer bottle openers, cleaning cloths, etc.
  16. At the end of the event, the host must restore space to reasonably received condition. Ensure all decorations are taken down & tape removed at the end of your event.
  17.  It is suggested to bring garbage bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc. to pack away items at the end of the event.
  18. Take home all empty beer and alcohol bottles after your event.
  19. Ensure all popped or deflated balloons are picked up and discarded of during and after your event, acknowledging that the pieces are a FATAL choking hazard! 

*Cocktail Layout - (Not available at Barmac Drive)

3/4 Capacity Seating (Seat up to 54)

1/2 Capacity Seating (Seat up to 40)

Wondering what our key features look like? 

Here you'll find the available layouts for our main dining hall

 at Class Resto Lounge's  home location.

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