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1111 Barmac Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M9L 1X4

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Max Capacity Seating (Seat up to 70)

Note to Our Valued Customers:

Please be reminded… This is a NO SMOKING establishment. We seat up to 70 guests.

We may contact you by phone, email, or text to keep you updated of your event, please do the same!

We operate as a DIY special event space, which saves you overall; as we are not a banquet hall there are some things to know:

  • Alcohol permits must be obtained from LCBO, it must be applied for at a minimum 10 days before your event. It must be displayed with receipts attached at all times during your event.

  • Remove and take home all emptied beer and alcohol bottles after your event. Either take in garbage bags, or we suggest you keep the boxes; as we do not have space for them in our garbage bin.

  • Your DJ needs to bring all their plug in wires, mixers, & speakers. These are not provided.

  • Our Bluetooth Speakers are not available for DJ use. Only to be connected with compatible laptop, iPod, iPhone, Android etc. for events NOT having a DJ system hooked up to it to avoid damage of equipment. (Please note that if you use are using your phone, if it rings the music will be interrupted)

  • Please keep all guests inside the facility, and prevent them from gathering out-front throughout your event. You will be required to clean up their mess outside if clean up fee was not charged.

  • For ice storage it is suggested to bring an ice cooler, there is no freezer in the wet bar area.

  • Ensure all decorations are taken down & tape removed at the end of your event.

  • Basic toiletries are provided (paper towel and toilet paper), it is the host’s responsibility to bring hand soap, lotion, facial tissue, or other items host would like.

  • Basic serving utensils are provided for use with our rented chafing dishes (up to 10 pieces), it is hosts responsibility to return these cleaned if used, all other desired utensils are responsibility of host. It is suggested to bring cutting utensils, wine bottle openers, and beer bottle openers.

  •  Disposable cleaning cloths, soaps, or other items required by host in bar area are responsibility of host. It is also suggested to bring garbage bags, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc. to pack away items at the end of the event.

  • There is no access to the kitchen area due to insurance liability restrictions. Chafing dishes (food warmers) are permitted to keep food warm. If renting from us, Food must be placed in full size or ó size foil trays. Please ensure their sturdiness by either doubling the foil trays, or purchasing heavy weight ones so they do not fall into the water. If you prefer to use food directly in pan a clean up fee of $5 each food tray will be added.

  • There are no guarantees for early entry. 1 hour prior to your event is typically our preparation time. Therefore, the venue may not be ready yet. Only during our preparation time we may permit you to come in before your scheduled event start time. At the end of your event, general clean up cannot exceed 1 hour. It is suggested to start clean up 20 minutes before the end of your scheduled event time to avoid additional fees.

  • Please ask before stacking chairs or folding up tables until authorization from management is given, as the same set up may be needed for the following event.

Thank you!

*Cocktail Layout - (Not available at Barmac Drive)

3/4 Capacity Seating (Seat up to 54)

1/2 Capacity Seating (Seat up to 40)

Wondering what our key features look like? 

Here you'll find the available layouts for our main dining hall

 at Class Celebrations' home location.

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